quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

assombro, traduções


Go down.
Go down even more.

This place, or Tsárskoie Seló , or East Coker,
is always dark after midnight.
Darkness (lives) in the ground and walls and stone.
(You do not yet know the darkness of the wind and water
and the good savage never would have existed had he stepped
and seen the ground and walls and stones)

Go down.
Go down even more.

The cold has gone and each piece of place
is eaten by time. It is a sorrowful place
Yesterday, stone. Today, stone and never
the same. Standing in front of the varied look and your descent.

Go down.
Go down even more.

What does it matter if the coat does not cover you well and
all the varied looks are the same?
The beings pass with their inhumanities and diseases, and many
are like yours. The normal thing is that which moves away from them.
And it makes a mockery, a buzz, or not even this
like the new moon in the silence of dawn.

Go down.
Go down even more.

Until not even a tooth exists in the darknss.
Paltry! Vile! Make yourself of cement and steel
from places that do not exist.
Transmute everything that they made you.
The great civilization and culture. Spread yourself
through time........
Today is one more day.
Go down.
Go down even more.

Accid, insidious until all the miracle is barefoot
– the speaking, the creaking of stones
Any drop of tear as a cold blade
The heat of one and another hand.

Go down.
Go down even more.

Talk to the shadows, to the disqualified of the sidewalks
to the one who agonizes in a house in flames, slag and alone.
Count the crammed of skin and bones
and the rotten flesh of the minor secrets
– The smallest, the invisible, these centuries of History, Dust.

Go down.
Go down even more.

With the can, the ashes, the lighter and the spoon
the burnt lips and the exposed blood
Be minimum, acute, low-city.

Then, go up
It's oneself. Of cold and darkness and solitude.
Abyssal and it can be Great.

- THE DURATION OF THE DESERT; trad. Tom Jones [o poema original/português pode ser lido aqui!]

að elska þig, undrun

vatn og salt eru augu mín.
auðn er að bíða þín.

[TÍMALENGD AUÐNARINNAR; trad. para o islandês de Luciano Dutra]

te amar, assombro

água e sal são meus olhos.
deserto é te esperar.

[A DURAÇÃO DO DESERTO, Nina Rizzi; Ed. Patuá, 2014.]

- João Victor Cheng (nome brasileiro de meu aluno chinês), fez uma leitura do poema em sua língua-mãe, que lindeza pra se verouvir :)

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Maria Andrade disse...

muito bonito. fui ali na tradução, mas comentei aqui mesmo. Abraço.